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AI and Machine learning for Businesses

5 months ago
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(AI, 'Artificial Intelligence,' is the approach towards giving a machine intelligence based on the perseverance of the environment and giving the results that are dedicated to getting the highest level of output. Unlike humans, a machine cannot show values like emotions or consciousness, so both kinds of intelligence are classified as Artificial Biological Intelligence(ABI) and Artificial General Intelligence(AGI), respectively, and a strong AI aims to bridge the gap between both or imitate ABI.

The concept of bringing Artificial Intelligence in control is to provide a machine with specific skills like problem-solving ability, reasoning ability, developing machine perception, planning, knowledge representation, learning from experiences and situations, movement according to the need to being able to move the objects.  

AI functionalities have been outsourced to a wide range of technologies, whether it is about a Learning Management System to a Typical classroom's signup, or it is a sound recognizing system to a military data access identifier; everything consists of AI functionalities.

Part of Machine Learning in AI

Machine learning can be recognized as the sub-field of AI, studied for the directions of implementing AI in a machine. The study is based on making the machines learn by the experiences using the data provided, and enhancing the inculcated computer algorithms as required to do the proper optimization for the best value outcome.

Machine learning is based on making the machine learn how humans learn from past experiences to perform better in the future. Similarly, the devices shall be enabled to grow neural networks based on what happened and what will happen.

Nowadays, machine learning has great potential in applications like chat filtration, Recommendation Systems.) -Infographic

How AI and Machine Learning help businesses grow?

AI is reaching all the commercial sectors quite rapidly and steadily by occupying all of the factors which users admire so well without knowing it is a part of AI but getting attracted to the businesses.

The most significant example of AI implementing business today is the GOOGLE platform-

From providing their 'search engine to selling their speech recognizing products,' GOOGLE is engrossed with implementing AI to a great extent.

Another example of the use of AI is online shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart,

But the question is, where do these uses AI in selling, so the explanation to this is 'Recommendation System.'

When a shopper searches for some particular type of product, he is always shown the advertisement for the same or similar kind of products, or in simple words, he is recommended what he preferred to look for. This is what a Recommendation System is based on.

Not only in commercial sites but also this is implemented in AI-powered social platforms, which feature AI and Machine Learning used in showing or highlighting the interests of users based on their watch history and preferences.

SPOTLYF- An AI-Powered Social Media Platform

(Spotlyf is an AI-powered social media platform that works on a unique idea of presenting its user with a social media platform having filtered content according to their values and interests.

Not only for the viewers but also Spotlyf tracks down the activities and fan base of a creator and highlights their work accordingly. 

Spotlyf's design and idea are based upon bringing authentic and original content to the audience and helping the Content Moderators get their content to the beneficial and desired audience. Its AI-based Social Media Platform works at leaving an imprint over the user as the best and authentic source of highly relevant content to the user's preference and interests.

Being in demand in today's era where different social media networks have shown their versatility about reaching the audience through any means. No one has emerged in bringing the right part of the content to their audience.

Even the viewers are also ready to accept what they are shown without questioning, which may lead to many wrong equations being triggered in the world about the misled understanding of the concept in the citizens.

Noticing the primary need of solving this problem, Spotlyf has come into power to serve the audience with what they truly deserve and desire.

And provide each work by the hardworking content creators, its true worth. 

Here the creators are able to get the best out of their creative skills and make their creation reach its highest worth with the proper presentation and checking errors of what is going to be released from the creator's end.)- Infographic

Spotlyf's 'Strict Authentication Algorithms' enable the users to distinguish between original and fake content. They do not have to verify further or look for its authenticity but rely on the results shown on this AI-powered social media platform.

'Spotlyf aims at being the most authentic and reliable social media platform where users and content moderators both feel joy and trust.'