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3 months ago
10 min read

Have you ever thought that how you get requirement-centric ads all over the web, linked to your profile?

Or how is Google so perfect at guessing that you just left Amazon after searching for some sports shoes, specifically from one dedicated brand Adidas?

Even if you have already, you might have always counted it in the great possibilities that technology has brought in for your convenience.

But is it only limited to showing the audience their favorite products, or is there present any other aspect which you come across daily, get annoyed for once, and pass it by?

What about the ads, the spam emails, the SMS that are so not wanted, still they flood up your internet services, your chats?

Again the same question, how they got to know where to find you.

And the answer is ‘YOU’.

All this would never be possible without your support because the users provide their personalized data on various sites and segments online which lets the data cravers have it.

Is it the users’ fault that they provide the data when they are asked?

Rather the conflict that should be encountered is, why is their data being spread all over the internet when the only thing they did is to trust the websites they logged in to and provide their personal information.

The broader source of this data outsourcing is social media. While signing up on any social network, the users need to profile their personal information like email id, contact number, profile picture, and many times their likes, dislikes too. This leads to social media having a tub filled with the personal information of users. Though it wasn’t meant to be shared.

Let’s discuss how the data control policy of social media enables the distribution of data on social media.


  • The data that belongs to you belongs to everyone:- When you provide some personal information on social media, it becomes open for everyone out there. The users, the marketing agencies, different vendors, the e-commerce portals which need to process your data for selling showing you ads that might interest you. All your personal information is available to everyone.

  • Status Update Policies:- The feature of social media that is gaining popularity on a big scale daily is ‘regular status updates.’ Not only the youth but this feature is attracting most of the segments of the society, everyone is willing to post whatever they are currently experiencing as soon as possible. Through this means, other systems like vendor’s intelligence are able to categorize the users and their needs.

  • Pictures and Videos you post are open for others:- 

Remember when that famous video got viral?

You must be thinking, which one. Obviously, there are already so many.

It is so easy to get people talking about things by making them go viral nowadays. People tend to post their videos or photos and they are simply available for everyone to watch, use or even edit.

Hence, it is a great feature that can bring worse effects to the users' information too.

What do users actually deserve?

  • Safe and secure social media:- A noble social media environment for a user would be where they are able to enter their information freely. They do not have to doubt that after providing their data it would get scattered over the web without them knowing.

  • Social Media that does not collect: The solution for building a social media from where the personal data of the users does not leak is having a platform that does not collect users' private information at all.

  • Social Media that only process the right information: The ideal take-off of information over a Social Media network is when only the content that a user wants to be visible by everyone is available to watch and even use without disturbing the copyrights and authenticity of the original content.

How at SpotLyf you are the master of the Data you own?

  • Your Spot is Solely Yours: Spotlyf is a platform that enables users to create their own spot by which they can release their content among the target audience and gain popularity. They are able to share their content without letting their personal information be accessible to everyone.
  • We Don’t Collect User Data: SpotLyf does not collect users’ personal information at all. As when there is no collection, the circulation is itself prevented. Also, the users can delete all their information at one tap and after that it is no longer available. Neither on SpotLyf nor anywhere else.
  • We Process The Right Data: SpotLyf only works at broadcasting the creativity of the users among the right audience, other than that, all data of the user is in their control.

Hence at SpotLyf, you have the freedom to share your creativity with the target audience while being assured that Your Data Belongs To You Only and no third party contains the right to lay hands on it.