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Can an AI-Powered Social Media be better than an Ordinary One?

7 months ago
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Introduction to AI-

Introduction to AI-

In today’s world, when every individual relies on machines to complete his day-to-day chores, AI has become an excellent source for locating him to the devices.

Machines have been a part of our lives just like a family member; one can say, for the past ten to fifteen years. And year by year, industry to industry, this use of machines has grown faster and promising. But what drives the human to interact with the machine that they don’t even know, and they are becoming dependent on some piece of metal and wires. That’s AI.

In this era of technology, the truth that can not be underestimated is, in each sector, from e-commerce to medical usages. Most of the trustable and reliable technology is suspected with the abundance of Artificial Intelligence in it.

But the question for some non-techy people would be, what is AI, what’s the use of AI?

 So, nowhere you need to go? Here is your answer,

AI is not a materialistic tool or a wire enabled in the machines. But AI is a mechanism a device is given to provide some valid and expected results for a problem which a human mind would also have considered but exceptionally slower than the machine.

In simpler words, Artificial Intelligence is giving a computer its own artificial brain(with confident algorithms), which is expected to be as similar as the human brain. And provide realistic outputs suitable for the given situation.

As of now, everyone is evident with the concept of AI, so let’s move to where can AI be applied,

Knowing of medical sectors, one can use AI for giving specific prescriptions on the basis of tests. It can also be used to know treatments and choose the kind of treatment one would preferably need.

In e-commerce, you must have guessed too? Right. The recommending of products that you raise query upon online and then the results with similar products is consistently being shown as an advertisement or quick banner saying, ‘you might like.’

Hence, it can be depicted that the use of Artificial Intelligence is standard to most industries. But there is one sector that attains the most engagement of viewers out of all but still lacks AI.


But before it is discussed that HOW AI can be implemented in SOCIAL MEDIA, one needs to know WHY AI shall be implemented in SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social Media Issues in Social Media Platforms without AI-

Let’s discuss some common Social Media Problems people often face.

  • Unauthentic content 

Have you ever imagined if all of the facts and news you ever listen to turn out to be fake, making you responsible for spreading it and being the cause of any destructive misleading in society? Yes, that is what authenticity leads one to. According to a survey conducted, around 50% of the content that is circulated on Social Media Platforms is from some unauthentic source and not authentic or manipulative. And this stuff may lead to several non-commendable effects seen in society. 

People today are so engrossed in Social Media activities that they tend to accept whatever they are shown without any questioning.

Hence, it being the prime responsibility of Creators to make them aware of the facts, most of them would only work at getting traffic to their content by attracting the Audience.

So, the load is all over the shoulders of Social Media to filter out. 

  • Degrading of content 

The quality of the content over Social Media Platforms is declining instead of moving upwards. By a survey done over Social Media audience, it was found that around 60% of the Audience believe that the quality of the content they watch and read over social media platforms is getting bad continuously, they find themselves scrolling their feed again and again for something that interests them and they like to watch. 

More to that, there are no limitations on the frequency and highlights shown to person to person, i.e., there is a bar that has been set according to different ages, different people. But the so-called transparency of Social Media platforms has been violating the restrictions that are somehow mandatory in the case of teens, old age people, and some adults.

  • Many social media platforms opt at making you select your interests manually.

Most of the Social Media platforms make the users select their preferences manually. Also, they support the linked recommendations system, which means they show you recommendations based on what your friends have been watching or what they have followed. There is no sorting on the basis of preferences on the factual basis is present to land you directly on your interests.

Also, you are shown some unworthy ads saying ‘You might like’ even if those are very far from your interests relevant results, which also cause time consumption and you might be headed to something you definitely would regret to watch on the first go in future.

  • The FAKE Beauty

How many people do not put filters on their pictures and post? The answer being, almost one in a hundred people, does that if possibly seen. Not realizing the self beauty, the business of making the people believe that how ugly they are.

The only purpose that these platforms lean towards is how to make people interact with others and make their circle more prominent and more significant as possible. As if you have no social media life, then there is no social life for you. This actually not helping people grow but gain self-consciousness and utter desire to be in the eyes of everyone and always present each of their moments on the feeds of others, which makes others jealous of them.

But that’s was never the main agenda behind building Social media if someone goes through the past.

It should be enriched with good, joy, facts, and genuine.

And most importantly, it should be taken as a power of connecting to the world, not some tool of gaining attention.

One More Aspect To Be Taken Care of-

As something that has once gone viral, there is almost a 1% chance to take it back, so one has to beware of what he is going to post, its effects, and if the news is true to its sources not.

This is the prime duty of each individual to go through a thorough revision of what he might be going to post and how it will go among people. As it can cause some certain problems as follows-

  • The rising misconception in minds - When someone has faith over something that it can never be wrong, then he ought to believe that whatever he may see is true. Especially he thinks it more when the statements he is being shown keep any emotional or sensitive attachments towards him, without even considering the need to find the route cause and real statements, it just pinches him hard and sudden. And this misconception within him can lead to several severe outcomes.
  • Distrust - When you trust something so true, and if you find out it is supplying you wrong information, you would definitely lose your trust over it. Not just yourself, but you would try to keep everyone else from using the app and not waste their time over it. This is what is going to be the case with Social Media is an upcoming case. If people lose dignity towards the news being spread over Social Media Platforms, they will never even want to praise the reliable and authentic information itself. Most of them would rather be in denial to trust the authenticity of what they watch. And the most troubling result would be it might shift the interest of many deserving content creators and a deserving audience that deserves to see the truth.
  • Difference between opinions - When there will be different sources supplying different data for a single cause, then this would only get people having different opinions on the same topic. People having different opinions may be great for appearing in debates, but it does not make a good environment for living.

Having a difference in thoughts can cause particular societal issues, as the people might have grudges with others for not thinking the same way they know. 

And some might believe their source of news so firmly that they would not want to listen to anyone if he/she would be giving him some real and genuine information.

And it can also lead to people implementing the same thing but in different ways which gives rise to an unbalanced work and non-cooperation among them. This is not good for a healthy society where everyone lives in peace and is happy and has respect and love for even their counterparts. 

But all these problems can be encountered by an AI-powered Social Media Platform.

Now let's learn how an AI-powered Social Media Platform would serve these purposes, which were till now taken for granted by most of the Ordinary Social Media Platforms. 

A Social Media platform that has an inbuilt AI technology, how it would be proven a better option to fight fake and unauthentic news over Social Media.

Power of AI-enabled Social Media Platform

  • Less time 

What could be better than the task you want to do is completed in less time than you were expecting? AI is very much capable of meeting the job in no time. After all, it's a machine brain. And everything is performed by processing specific algorithms provided in the form of Artificial Intelligence to the device. Hence it is a matter of seconds for a high-speed processing unit to give the correct output without taking any additional time to analyze and formulate.

And now, talking about Social Media, then a user would definitely want a Social Media platform that takes less time and is highly efficient.

Audience Perspective- They get a platform where they meet their interests in no time.

Creator's Perspective- They get help in modifying their work and produce the results in less time.

  • Accuracy

The results obtained with an AI-enabled device ought to be more powerful and reliable than an ordinary machine. Also, in AI, there are these unique concepts like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, through which an application or a machine is made to learn from past experiences and adapt to the environment according to the situation. This building of a persuasive device gives the user a feel of interaction closely with some machine that knows what he needs.

By opting the AI technology, any device can be made future-ready.

Hence, using this concept in the Social Media world, it can be made more accurate, error-free, proficient in processing and giving suggestions, and a great source of authentic content.

Audience Perspective- Content shown is according to their interests and preference. The elimination of fake content is done so that the Audience remains updated with genuine, not counterfeit.

Also, the users do not have to select their interests manually, or they are not shown claims mainly on the basis of what their friends and family like.

Creator's Perspective- A creator with a Social Media Platform with an AI-enabled Social Media system would get many benefits like-

  • Modification tool in the platform itself so that the content is customized to its best and is pretty sure according to audience preferences.
  • The AI-powered Social media Platform could really be a great friend for a creator in acknowledging him that what can be the target audience for his content and whom his content is pointing to.
  • The Creators also are guided towards if any misleading information they are about to circulate so that this can be prevented.

  • Preference judgment Based on the Particular type Of Userbase (Bar of Authenticity for a particular set of users)

People often find it very irritating the kind of stuff they are shown without them opting for it. This often becomes very annoying for a different bunch of persons, like parents would not want their kids to watch the elements they don't their children to involve into, there are certain limitations for teens agewise, the old age people might feel awkward about some of the content.

So there is an extensive variety of userbase that has some of the bondages when it comes to watching content on such a massive source of information, SOCIAL MEDIA.

And in their own way, these bondages are somewhat crucial as all types of content are not suitable for everybody.

Hence, keeping this in mind, the content on a Social Media Platform can be categorized according to the batch of users owning the account.

Audience Perspective- By an inbuilt AI technology Social Media Platform the Audience is able to watch the content not only on the basis of their preferences but also what they need not watch and don't expect to be shown to them.

It just provides Audience a comfortable zone where they interact with Social Media and feel like it acting responsibly for its action and their friend presenting them with their favorite stuff to watch.

Also, the advertisements which are not supposed to be provided to the Account Id do not need it can be forbidden.

Creator's Perspective- Creators with a Social Media Platform having Artificial Intelligence would be able to know that which Audience their Creations would be best suited to and presented in front of so that they can bring the required changes in it to bring it to notice of reasonable viewers.

  • Innovation in creator's Creation according to in what context he has built something

When a Content creator presents something, he wants it to be filled with the emotions he wishes in his Creation. He wants his Creation to be filled with joy and information, and knowledge he wants his Audience to emerge into.

A Creator always wants his Creation to be a complete package to the target audience, which should be delivered in a very honored manner, and he gets most of the appreciation he could ever get from it.

Also, the Audience wants to get quality content they can appreciate and recommend to others also.

Audience Perspective- The Audience will be shown the Content which they desire to watch, and their dignity towards quality Content is dignified the same way, the artists, which they mostly prefer to look at the Contents of, are likely to be on the top of their feeds. 

And yet, they will be allowed to set the bar of authenticity in it.

Creator's Perspective- With an AI-enriched Social Media Platform, the Creators would reach the correct and right amount of Audience. Because this Social Media would help them improvise their work according to the Audience they desire and present it in front of a vast mass of people.


At SpotLyf- 

At SpotLyf, you get an opportunity to have access to the first-ever AI-Powered Social Media Platform which does not let its user down on the name of fake and unauthentic.

SpotLyf always works at coming to you with fresh, crispy, and genuine updates, which you have always wished for till now.

Not only the Audience would have these advantages by entering this new world of the truth of SpotLyf, but also our Creators get the utter benefits, which are-

  • Help in modifications of their posts and Creations so that they produce the best of their work and present it confidently in front of the target audience.

  • Also, our well-suited AI benefits them by giving a deserving amount of viewers to their Creations which they always have wanted. You do not need to opt for any further marketing plans as here at SpotLyf, we work at building a strong pillar of excellent Content to provide to our Audience.

In this way, our AI suits the work and interest of both our hardworking Creators and our most-valued Audience, respectively.