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How AI helps a Social Media Platform become Scam free?

7 months ago
10 min read

In this new era of technology, it is hard to say who relies on whom. A user is dependent on Social Media or the latter. They can be said two inseparable twins just like you must have seen in 'Suite Life Of Zach And Cody', contradicting but inseparable.

Even if one asks many of you the same question that 'how many of you do not check your Social Media account status daily.'

Undoubtedly it can be guessed as one in thousand users would say, 'no.'

But why, what attracts everyone to keep themselves open to visiting their Social Media accounts so often, just like doing a daily chore?

Its name?

Its new features?

Or is it the worldwide news?

If you ask, all of them are correct.

Users are attracted to Social Media because of its name?

Yes, because the names of these platforms have become so familiar to them, making them enough to bring butterflies to their stomachs when not met for a long time. Their names are like some chapters of their textbooks from pre, which are the basics to meet the new world, and they have embedded them in their minds.

Users are attracted to Social Media because of new features?

Yes, they love almost everything about social media, each feature of Social Media to them is like some quality or a habit of their school-life Crush; they can never be reluctant to it.

The main feature of Social Media is, it puts them in front of so many people worldwide, never discriminating based on age, gender, religion, or caste. They can bring themselves in front of millions out there in mutual as well as different states and present their thoughts and values, everything.

Another aspect of them liking Social Media so much is they can reach out to their friends and family and stay connected. Also, they are able to share what's on their plate for today or tomorrow, or whenever.

Users are attracted to Social Media because of Worldwide News?

Yes, a Social Media Platform helps them stay updated with worldwide news. Within a Social Media Platform, they find a space that keeps news of everything and keeps them updated on their major topics of interest and other updates too.

One-click and people are open to the whole world, great.

But, with something providing so many fortunes, misfortunes do follow.

And here, the misfortunes that have been talked about are scams, Social Media Scams.

Most of all have heard of someone been looted over some Social Media Platform by some link or some Social Media friend.

Even this all is proven in terms of facts and figures also.

Let's discuss some of them claimed in Forbes reports,

In 2018, a security flaw suspected in Facebook led to the data of almost 50 million users' access to the attackers. A data of a whole 50 million, a treat for attackers, right.

Not only this but also a huge database carrying user's personal credentials like name, age, contact info, e-mail address, etc., was found online, exposed to untrustworthy sources.

Also, in 2018 around 4.8 billion incidents that occurred at Facebook were reported in the U.S., and most of them were under the age of 30.

Obviously, their use encourages social media more.

But there are not only data records that are exposed. There are certainly more things to it that let the Scam take place.

The Scammers take precise note of what you do, what you want to do, where you are going, where you want to be going and etc. etc.

And this introduces users to the Scams, which are done by gaining their trust.

  • Scam in Romance- Here, the scammers approach you with fake online profiles, and then winning your hearts and soul for them becomes like having a snack.

After praying on your hearts, they are mostly in need of sudden money, like emergency hospitality, and you have to fall for that, the reason being you trust them.

In 2018, an FTC report claims that users lost almost 143 million dollars in this one, which is way more than any other type of Social Media Scam.

  • Fishing on Social Media- Now you are the fishes that the Scammers lure for by reaching with some post or direct message(claims to give you some great offers or deals that you can't resist) as bait to make you click on them and reach some link which asks for personal information or install some kind of malware in your mobile or system that automatically starts sending SMS to your contact list. Yet the message is received from someone they know; people click on the link and get trapped by some malware installed in their systems.

  • Quizzes that make you the Quiz- In this, the attackers host some quizzes telling you questions like "How silly you are" or "How cute you are" by giving you a link which makes you give them permission to a third-party app to have access on your information. After this, they can sell your data to others on the black market or try to sell you items.

  • Eye-catching Clicks- Here, attackers provide you some posts on your feeds having some crispy headlines or some video or something you can't pass on without clicking. And the moment you click on the link, you are asked to sign in again, or grant the app some permissions, or given a fake sign-in screen. And when you enter the credentials, the attacker gets access to you, your login id, and its passwords.

In these ways, the users are attacked in their Social Media life without even knowing what they are being directed to. All of it is because they trust.

And their trust resembles their faith in Social Media.

But is currently Social Media dignifying their trust and values?


So what can help them regain it?

An AI-powered Social Media

But now the question is how an Artificial Intelligence empowered Social Media Platform can help?

The answer to this would be, as the name suggests, it is an AI-based Social Media Platform that has the power of the ultimate tech tool of this era AI.

As AI, Artificial intelligence is nothing else but giving the machine or the application like Social Media Platform its own brain, that gathers information, processes it and then puts the outcomes after analyzing it on the basis of specific algorithms that are inculcated in it.

As AI is itself a major part whose sub-parts are Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and many more that make a device learn by itself and present results by itself only.

So, in the same manner, this Artificial Brain of a machine, when given to a Social Media Platform, can work at wiping out the unauthentic content from some unauthorized source.

Cool, right.

So that's how the use of AI is beneficial to Social Media.

Where to find such Social Media Platform?

At SpotLyf, as our Motto says, 'sharing values,' so we work at reaching you out with a decent social media platform that honors our users with only the facts and truth.

Our vision is to provide our users with a hassle-free experience so that they have no doubts about any posts or links highlighted in their feeds, and they can have a soothing experience of accessing Social Media.