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How Does Social Media Affect Mental Health

1 month ago
10 min read

For everyone in this generation, social media has become a fun ride. It amuses so many, content so many, motivate so many, encourage so many, help so many, share values with so many, and also destroy so many.

Did I say destroy?

But social media being such a great source of entertainment and knowledge, how come it is leading to devastation.

Well, the answer lies in the last statement itself.

If social media is such a vast source of entertainment and knowledge, then it is most evident that a shell filled with entertainment not only entertains people but also spoils people.

For example, let's say there is a Television in a house. Not a rare thing to keep in today's date, but if talking about the great 90s keeping a television was a big deal.


Hence, in the 90s, when there were fewer TVs in households, everyone watched less television and used to remain busy. In other words, adults used to stay occupied with other household chores and office work, and kids used to play and study.

It's not like they don't do it in this century. Still, you can't deny the fact that the more human has grown in the technical sector, the more has been discussed the misuse of technology.

In these times when there is an abundance of finding televisions in every home, also many adults are wasted with daily soaps or reality shows, and many kids are busy with cartoons, movies, and many more.

And many people have this tendency to feel annoyed if they are not able to watch their favorite shows on time.

And this can also be recognized as a mental disorder, 'Anxiety.'

Similar is the case with Socia Media.

Studies have found that not just Anxiety but Social Media has been affecting so many Mental Health with certain forms of Mental Disorders, which are stress, depression, loneliness, and delusion.

But first, let's talk about mental disorders. What is a Mental disorder?

It is a type of brain flaw or some disturbance in the brain that is specific due to some particular reason and may affect the individual's basic personality appearance like his mood, feeling, emotions, thinking, and behavior.

Which in turn targets his actions and reactions towards explicit situations or environments.

There are several different kinds of mental disorders: anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, etc.

And for today, we have in our pocket of discussion the ones that are caused by Social Media itself.

Social Media and Mental Health and the factors-

Causing Anxiety--

  • Addiction to remaining updated with the feed - People tend to check their social media feeds every then and now. It seems like the new trend to always keep yourself up-to-date about what is happening in others' lives.

But is this necessary?

No, not at all, because this makes you lose focus on other important things going on in your life itself.

  • Addiction to Posting Regularly- This is a world of a show-off, and if it is not, then it is indeed becoming a world of show-off because of Social Media. But why?

This is the case only because of this invention of social media that offers an irresistible feature by which everyone can show what they are doing or what they are up to. People can tag and share this with all of their friends.

Though it can be a technique of throwing a good influence on the audience.

  • Addiction to Checking Messages- Since everyone has so many digital friends and they can talk to anyone they want around the world with their social account. People often make unnecessary friends or like to have new friends and keep on texting their lives into it. This makes them always eager to chat and discuss their lives with someone else.

Causing Stress--

  • Fewer Friends- It is more like a competition to know how many followers or friends you have on Social Media. In this world of never-ending races, the social media users take it as a race that if they have a sufficient amount of followers or not and are they moving upward or downward. Also, the most disastrous one is that they compete with their peers about the count of followers.

This causes a huge level of stress in their minds and makes them go furious, and builds anger in young minds.

  • Fewer Likes- This is another case of causing stress in people's minds when they earn fewer likes on their posts, and their peers get a higher number.

Causing Depression--

  • Comparison with other's life- As discussed earlier, people tend to show off their lives on their social feed, and their peers might get jealous or affected by seeing others having so much fun in their particular routines and is so static.

  • Your peer dislikes your posts- It is very disheartening when you get disliked by the people who affect you and whom you like to be popular. This feature of disliking someone's post gives them a sort of quick depression.

Causing Loneliness--

  • No actual Social activities- The cruelest impact of Social Media usage is that it limits the routine social activities of people like talking or visiting their friends and family in person, not performing any sports activities. This causes loneliness in people's minds when they don't find any friends online and have no one to talk to.

  • Not being so popular hurts- Everyone likes to be with the most popular guy in their group, and social media is the best medium to get popular nowadays. Thus, it really hurts not to be so popular and not have that many people around to start a conversation with.

These are some prime causes why Social Media, on one side, becomes a great medium for exchanging information and, on another side, becomes a hazard when overused.

Now, it's on you which side of the coin interests you the most.