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How Spotlyf fight against misleading content?

7 months ago
10 min read

Humans always tend to gain trust over things easily. Whether it is a person they love, the smartphone brand they prefer, or the social media platform and knowledge it provides.

Once their trust is established, it cannot be broken so easily. But there can be some flaws in everything you admire. 

For example, the person you love so much can play some unexpected actions, the smartphone brand you prefer can decline in terms of quality and while relating this to the social media knowledge you gain and look for can also be manipulative or misleading.

Indeed, it is not wholly reliable when you learn something on social media, even the studies say that around 60% of fact-based content over social media is twisted or lacks in full cognizance about the motion. It is only you who analysis it before accepting or pass it through.

But what would be the benefit of technology if you have to be alert on each step towards grabbing the heed?

This question must be arising in many of your minds.

So here at SpotLyf, we are consistent in playing the solution maker.

As we approve the use of technology till the best it can be done and reduce our users’ efforts while laying their hands on something. 

For that, we have led our hands-on AI(Artificial Intelligence) Technology.

Since AI is the future of this fast, advanced and innovative era, we have inhabited our product SpotLyf as the first AI-powered Social Media Platform that works on altering the content for the false facts to make everything reliable for our users to read and engage.

SpotLyf has worked hard on forming a Social Media platform that would be both user-friendly and user-focused. As we want our audience to get the best and enjoy scrolling their feed over and over again for gaining values and still not coming across something invalid.