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2 months ago
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‘Hey Freddy, how are you doing?’

‘Hey George, I am great. How are you?’

‘I am also good. Hey, I have news for you. I just heard about it on my social media feed.’

‘I will definitely listen to it, George, but first, let me tell you a story.’

‘Mmm… Okay, but tell me that it has superheroes like Avengers in it.’

‘It has the most-needed superhero of this era.’

‘Okay, then begin.’

The Story-

Once upon a time, there was a town named CREATORS, where they used to create things for other people’s (AUDIENCE) entertainment purposes. The people there were divine and fruitful. They used to find happiness in making their AUDIENCE laugh and enjoy their creations based on facts and truths and used to consider it as their achievement.

The route from which they used to trade these CREATIONS was known as ‘SOCIAL MEDIA.’ It was a route filled with everything needed: resources for news, AI technologies, human interaction, and attraction techniques, and most of all the latest marketing techniques.

Everything was going fine. Every citizen in CREATORS was doing his job with all his heart and dignity until a trader entered the town from an alien village with a purpose not so divine. Being noble souls, the CREATORS let the trader in and treated him with honor, not knowing the reason behind his arrival. This trader entered the CREATORS with a new idea of crisping the creations and news by putting some extra points. CREATORS tried the suggestion that was claimed to make people love the Creations more.

Eventually, it was felt that the AUDIENCE is liking the creations built now even more.

Do you know what the name of the trader was? ‘FAKE NEWS.’

Unknowingly of what FAKE NEWS was up to, CREATORS started trusting him. 

The more the AUDIENCE started indulging in creations, the firm the faith of CREATORS was developed in FAKE NEWS.

Still, there were some in the batch of decent CREATORS who had the doubt that something was wrong. They tried to convince others about this doping in Creations could lead to something severe. But looking at the emergence of more AUDIENCE, they were considered some fools and were presented with fewer LIKES for their content.

Sooner or later, FAKE NEWS entered the CREATORS Creations so deep that he left no way out for the truth to restore. LIKES and SUBSCRIBES were increased but at the cost of AUTHENTICITY and false opinions in the AUDIENCE’s mind.

When the CREATORS got to know about the misleading their Creations had been causing in the AUDIENCE, they were filled with nothing but regret. 

Nothing was left in their Creations but a FAKE NEWS-filled unworthy crate.

They were helpless as their Creations were ruined for eternity. More consuming guilt was, that their Creations were eradicating humanity.

Now, what would they do? Where should they go? No one was there to help to get the FAKE NEWS from the town away.

But the CREATORS who were treated with DISLIKES were never out of hope.

They looked everywhere for what could fight the evil, and finally, they found a way.

A hero with the support of next-level AI technology was brought into the town. He wanted to revive the truth in all the Creations as he wanted to give the facts their own sound. He introduced himself to everyone and asked to help him find a proper destined track from where only the Creations without manipulation could travel.

Some days of a lot of research and hard work by the hero made the prayers of CREATORS come true.

And now was the time to show FAKE NEWS there could be something more enjoyable for the AUDIENCE to watch than a FAKE NEWS Creation.

The hero had developed a new route at which the CREATORS’ CREATIONS were modified to their best and helped all the citizens get the best and error-free of their Creations.

After that, the AI technology used by the hero would arrange the Creations in a proper and authentic manner where all FAKE NEWS confronting Creations were given the least priority accordingly. After that, it used to reach the AUDIENCE by focusing on showing them the Creations with their relevant interests.

Now, no matter how hard FAKE NEWS tried but there was no viable business he could have in the Creations.

In this way, the hero made everyone in CREATORS happy and also the AUDIENCE happy, which made all of them shift their route of trading.

And everything could again be brought back to its fair track.

Before taking the first step on this new route for trading, a trader from CREATORS asked the hero about his name.

And the hero said with a blissful glance,’ that’s SPOTLYF’.

And this is the end of my story.

‘Hey! Buddy! George! Are you with me?’

‘Yes, Yes, I am. I was just so much engrossed in your story.’

‘So, did you learn something?’

‘Truly. And now I know why you told me the story before listening to the news I have. And on the contrary, the first time, you are right, and maybe I might have also heard fake news about WHO sending 400K to each of the citizens of our country’s accounts who are affected by the CoronaVirus.

‘I guess George, it was really the right time to tell you this story. This one is a big fake. If that was true, then WHO would really go in great depth.’

‘I think Freddy, it’s time that I switch to SPOTLYF as well.

‘Yes, you should. It is a great social media platform for Audiences as well as Creators, and you are yourself a Creator, so it can help you reach the right amount of audience.’

‘True, as it has various creativity enhancing and error checking techniques also.’

‘George, now let’s get inside. It’s not safe being outside for this long for anyone. Or WHO would have to come and save us.’