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1 month ago
10 min read

Title- With The Creators 


For The Creators

Hello Creators, here’s a news for you

Let’s see what we have in clues for you

You work hard, you work in flow

But does your content has it, that gets the glow

You have all that’s needed to be famous

But still the audience it reaches, ignoramus

You style something original, always new you brew

But has your idea been stolen,

Presented among the public, before it grew

You tell a tale to teach them no misguidance

But are the others out there,

Providing the mischief, the allowance

You want your secrets to be hidden, to be separate

But did you find the information belonging to you,

Going violate

So here comes the deal, for you to seal

Hope all your problems through this, get healed

We bring the glow to your content

We make it famous till its extent

We mark your true work

Unless and until you want it into someone else’s truck

We keep the glory of your ideas and make them shine

No, not needed to consider us someone so divine

We keep your privacy covered up always

Until you are ready to give it the ways

Hence, this is us, this is we

We consider everyone has the talent to flee

We want to give every deserving creator his own stage

As We are SpotLyf, we give you the spot,

To put up the ‘Superstar You’ in the knowns’ MAZE.

SpotLyf- For the CREATORS, With the Creators. Always…!!

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