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SpotLyf-Connecting Valued Lifes

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SpotLyf is an open platform where every user is welcomed with dignity for their contribution as a Creator or an Audience. We celebrate the thoughts of people that support humanity. Our forum is built to engage Creators in the best of their creativity by giving them a remarkable and desired amount of Audience.

There is no meter for having an exact idea about how far can the thought process of anyone reach to create something valuable. However, we can know what the rank of that Creation on the scale of innovation and values is. At SpotLyf, we honor the content that cherishes values and also the Audience which has dignity for those values.

At last, all of the users go through a 'Meter of Judgement' which depicts their level of contribution to our platform.

The Meter Of Judgement At SpotLyf

  • The Authenticity Of User-

There is no one who likes their privacy get invaded by some random stranger. Everyone appeals to a social media platform that respects their personal space and provides them a secure network where they can hide the required information from the particular set of people they don’t want it to be visible. However, there is not any platform that is dedicated to it. But why? 

As an individual, everyone’s private space should be kept safe and untouched by any irregular person without any reason.

Not anymore, since we ensure our user’s personal space to remain only to them and the set of Audience, they want it to be accessible because we value the fundamental human rights.

SpotLyf’s fully secure and durable AI technology keeps track of illegal sign-ins on the platform. As one of the main concerns of SpotLyf is to keep the privacy of the users intact, keeping this agenda in mind, there are dedicated options available on the SpotLyf Platform to enable the users to limit their personal data to a specific bunch of users.

Also, there is an authorized setup that identifies the authenticity of new users to trigger the fake user IDs get thrown at the time of account creation and validation only. In this way, SpotLyf prevents the rising of unrequired userbase and spots on the platform and establishes a good place for sharing values, innovation, and creativity.

  • The Authenticity Of Creator-

‘Creators’ is not just a word but defines the people who always crave to create something new and interactive that fills values in their lives. Creators may spread values, entertainment, or knowledge through their content. This content can be in the form of written content, audio, and video content. 

SpotLyf praises this devotion and marks it as something that should be celebrated. The betterment in technology has always supported the Creators to do better in their jobs, but this has also given a chance to the defaulters to copy the content and present it as their own(called ‘Plagiarism’) or produce illegal content that does not contain any value for the Audience.

Many social media platforms have tried to encounter this hazard on social media. Still, none of them could give a sustainable set up to put a stop to it.

Perhaps there is a standard solution that might not have been concluded or been implemented in the long run to save the manipulation of content on social media from getting recognition.

‘Rating the content on the basis of its authenticity and validity.’ This has the potential to be the most prominent solution to the problem of content copying and manipulation.

One of the features of SpotLyf is to rate the content and provide it with its actual value. This helps the Audience to judge the validity of the content they might watch. Also, SpotLyf has a rating system for the Creators who join the party of fake and copied content producers. By doing this, the Creators who should be valued more respective of their content themselves rank at the top and get the right amount of Audience, and the defaulters go down in the list.

Now when there is no recognition for the defaulters, then why would someone want to produce the invalid content.

This is also one of the methods applied by SpotLyf to trigger the spread of values through content.

SpotLyf-Connecting Valued Lifes

Now, you are familiar with the meter of judgment at the SpotLyf platform. This meter of judgment was a much-needed feature to be implemented in the new-age social media platforms.

Our meter of judgment conquers the two major problems the users have with social media, ‘privacy’ & ‘plagiarism.’ These are the two most devastating hazards of the digital world that make the social world an inadequate place to spend their valuable time. To know more about how SpotLyf fights against Plagiarism, click here.

Hence, the SpotLyf family wants to ensure that the users should feel happy and confident while entering a social media that does not support the copied content at any cost because we value the efforts that Creators put into creating that genuine piece of content for their Audience.

Also, the users should feel safe to build their identity on our platform is the other prior agenda of SpotLyf.

These two primary goals of our help us build a social media platform where people honor the right and the applauses are always on the honest side. Also, people share values and great experiences with each other to make the exchange of information a way of helping each other. Also, the form of entertainment is the one that only does right by the Audience and does not supply anything against the human values.

Thus, as SpotLyf’s tagline says, we want to build a family of millions of users from around the world who create, celebrate, and praise at one place of significant Spots, SpotLyf, and Connect the Valued Lifes.