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1 month ago
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While scrolling your Social Media feed or rendering around some articles about social media or any general creative fields, you may have come across the term ‘Plagiarism.’ Have you ever wondered what this term actually means and how it affects anyone?

What does Plagiarism stand for?

Plagiarism is snatching someone else’s work and portraying it as your own. It can be considered theft in the digital world, on social platforms when people steal others’ work and post it as their own Creation without giving the rightful entity sufficient credit.

Basically, it’s a fake claim that influencers on social media offer their audience.

Plagiarism is not only violating the rights of an author, but it is also an offense to an individual’s hard work. It is just like snatching someone else’s assignment and submitting it to the teacher as your own.

Creators put a lot of effort and thinking process when they develop that unique piece of entertainment or value for their audience. This hard work is something that is not meant to be snatched and presented as someone else’s.

This snatching of Creations is an often case with the Social Media Platforms.

Though the Digital Social platforms claim that they abide by specific measures and deploy policies regarding the copy of content, the question is, does it really stop Plagiarism?

Let’s get a brief on measures taken by social media platforms to put an end to Plagiarism.

Measures Taken By Social Media To Finish Plagiarism

On different Social Media Platforms, the content can be taken down by raising appeals that the content is copied or supports unauthentic or manipulative information, which disregards human rights. In this way, the ordinary audience, the creators, and the platform itself can raise a red flag on the posted content and make it get eliminated from the platform.

  1. If found copied- If the social media platform finds that any content which is posted on the platform is copied or carries any kind of inappropriate information, they claim to have the right to take it down right away.
  2. Creator’s Claim- When you post something on social media, it is supposed to belong to you and you only. In regards to the latter, if someone finds that her/his posted content is copied and spread, then she/he may report the issue and get it resolved by the respective social media platform.
  3. Audience’s Claim- Audiences can also raise disputes on the content they come across on the digital platform. Suppose anyone finds something inappropriate on any social media platform showing copied or illegal activity. In that case, they have the right to report the piece of content by specifying the problem they have with it.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and so are these policies set by the social media platforms.

For example, if some content is copied content but clears all the tests of being in the ‘uncopied’ list, then there is nothing that a social platform can do about it. Hence there are specific ways that can make their judgment for Plagiarism fail.

Another case is the response given to the users. There can be a delay while responding to the issue raised by a user because there are lakhs and crores of users of one popular social platform.

Never mind, let’s keep these drawbacks aside for a moment and approve the policies.


Perhaps this is all for the digital social platforms present currently in the market but is it really all?

Can we go more in-depth to end Plagiarism?

Yes, there exist some possible ways that can encounter the ‘copied content’ issue in a more prominent way.

There are some methods and solutions that are opted for by the new-age digital social platform, SpotLyf.

Since SpotLyf is more of a creator-centric platform and greets the dedication and devotion of the creators on a higher level. It is determined to solve each and every issue that a creator may face while embracing her/his social presence. In this way, SpotLyf helps the rightful Creators to get a platform which very smooth and fluent for the Creators to gain the popularity and crowd they deserve.

Let’s know what essential steps SpotLyf has implemented to target Plagiarism on a good note than other digital social platforms.

SpotLyf Against Plagiarism

SpotLyf has been infused with several major AI-based algorithms that persist in diversity and exhibit great possibilities in banning Plagiarism from the Social world of entertainment and fun.

There are some characteristics that are similar to the social media platforms that already exist, and some are genuinely different and innovative.

The Similarity in Norms For Plagiarism

  1. Reporting System- Audience and Creators every user has equal munt of respect on SpotLyf. Everyone can report the content which they do not find appropriate according to their standards. Yet there is a difference that SpotLyf’s fast AI and ML system judges the queries and responds accordingly, and sends them for further evaluation to the team. Hence, it takes significantly less time than other platforms to handle disputes on SpotLyf.
  2. Taking Down the Content- SpotLyf’s quick responsive AI technology ensures that every content is judged thoroughly on the basis of guidelines set for Plagiarism and content with sabotaged information. Something posted like this is removed from the platform as soon as possible.

Unique Policies By SpotLyf To Fight Plagiarism

  1. Comparing the Content- SpotLyf uses profound algorithms to compare the content on different factors and evaluate if it is copied or is worthy enough to be promoted among the audience. In this way, every creator gets the actual value of their content.
  2. Categorizing the Content- There are specific test cases with which it is concluded on the SpotLyf platform which content should be given how many points, and according to those points, the content and the Creation of the creator are judged. The content with higher points is provided higher points by the SpotLyf comparison meter and given more spotlight.
  3. Evaluating the True Value- As the value of the content is evaluated, the Creators already get the true worth of their content. This functionality of SpotLyf already separates the copied and undeserving content from the original and deserving content pieces. This eliminates the scope of copying the content already because when the copied content would not be given any respect, then why would anyone post anything like that.

To honor the dedication of the hard-working Creators and Influencers, SpotLyf abides by specific measures specified above for the upliftment of the Social World. By fighting Plagiarism, we prevent the dignity of the digital world.