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The Copying Curse

1 month ago
10 min read

Hello, beautiful audience! Today, let me take you on a ride, the ride of a tale in which it is evil and it is good, now we need to figure out how we get to the path that suits.

So once, there was a girl who liked to create, innovate and build new. She was sweet, generous, and calm, and wanted to impress people with her charm.

Her mind was consistently flooded with new ideas. The more she would think differently, the more she would like her abilities. She was always focused on the quality of her work.

Hard work for her was never much of a deal as she knew it was the key to success, and with it, she could flee.

On the other hand, unfortunately, she had a mom. Why having mom was unfortunate, let me enlighten you now.

Her mom was a daylight dreamer, always full of greed.

There couldn’t have been any mother of her breed.

Her mother, a step, in reality, was a woman who had always dreamt of being rich and wealthy, no matter what means she had to try, but the dream of her was too healthy.

Being the only relative the girl was left, she had to stay with her alone, yet this was more like she had to stick to her on her own forcibly.

The deal they both shared was that the girl would build innovative ideas of entertainment, and the mother would sell them. Whatever the girl’s requirements were for doing this, her mother used to fulfill the utter flame.

Once in the shop of MOTHER-DAUGHTER INNOVATION & SALES, there arrived a buyer, and he fitted in mind of the mother the idea of LIKES multiplier.

His tip, they both would have to visit a Witch in the Valley down the hill.

The greedy could never say NO to an opportunity that would let her become wealthier within days.

Hence, the bags were packed in urgent, and they left to explore a place they have never been ever.

When they entered the Valley, there was a Jungle, that had lots of plants and flowers, most of them were black, violet, and brown shades; the trees were having rope structured long branches which looked as if they were fighting other trees’ branches to snatch the space.

The girl with keen eyes on all the non-uniformity in the jungle as she and her mother were making progress towards the hut of the Bitch.

When they were about to reach outside the Witch’s hut, she also explored something which she might never come across in the whole world, ‘Black Roses.’

The minute she stepped into the hut, the door closed, and yet she knew that something more unfortunate than having a mother like her was going to happen.

There appeared a shadow of a lady with a frizzled robe she might be wearing and having messy hair. The moment the shadow started appearing closer, they saw long nails, unevenly shaped; the forehands were slim, just like some stick.

The shadow kept coming closer and further close and nearer and nearer as if it would enter their bodies, and when it came on them wholly, the lamps started glowing bright yellow, and a lady appeared.

The lady had a pale and brown face, just like some rotten tomato. Yet, she had a structure that was identical to what it appeared in the shadow.

And then the moment she got her eyes which were zed black, the words came out,

‘Manners that you have,

Are not so good to have.

Entered someone’s place without a knock

For this, I can blow you into smoke.’

Suddenly the shocked face of the mother started spitting words, ‘No, I am sorry, ma’am, we never meant to dishonor you. It was this stupid daughter of mine who always lacks in behavior.

Come on, say sorry to her, you fool.’

With a confused and devastated look, the girl said sorry as the crime was poorly transferred to her.

Interestingly acknowledging the girl’s looks, the Witch asked them without any wait,

‘What brought the mother and daughter here today,

This is something that does not happen every day.’

The mother then recited the whole story to her and asked for her help to fill her platter of ‘wealth hunger.’

The Witch already smelt the greediness of the mother, but still, as she sounded the evil the Witch looked for. Hence she pledged to provide them the power.

The Witch told them that there was a way that demanded the girl’s determination.

She has to follow a ritual and do what she says.

Not letting the girl talk, the mother from her side swayed.

The Witch then brought a dirty glass with some black-colored liquid and asked the girl to drink. The girl refused, but what could she play better at rebelling against her mom, she sipped and sipped, and eventually, the entire fluid was at the bottom’s brink.

After looking at the glass, the mother asked the Witch what else the girl should do, demanding nothing but giving an evil glance. The Witch said, ‘Nothing I need to tell now, the rest the girl herself would do.’

Leaving the hut, the girl could not sense anything. Hence, she didn’t know what was coming her way, the mother and the daughter reached home safely in the night, had dinner, and went to sleep.

Not knowing what she planted in the drink got the girl worried about what was going to happen the other day, thinking profoundly, and she was soon asleep.

The following day the girl woke up with a moment of fear. Her heart was beating fast as she saw a vision of all her friends hating her and cursing her.

She got ready and went to the shop with her mother, but she could not think of any of the ideas she could create in seconds.

Now when her mother asked for entertainment ideas, she could only think of other people’s ideas and works, the result being she was only able to generate the innovations based on copying ideas from others, mixing them with her original ones, manipulating, and selling them.

Sooner or later, their shop was flooded with buyers. They earned a lot that day.

A whole week passed by, not liking what she was doing but could not resist either. The girl worked the same way, and it was so great for her mother as she was getting what she desired.

Yet she tried to escape the possession of the Witch’s syrup, but the harder she tried the  

she was blown up with copied ideas only.

Curious about how the MOTHER-DAUGHTER INNOVATION & SALES was attracting all the crowd to themselves, the other sellers in the same line found out what pieces were they actually selling. And knowing it was filled with the copied ideas, the other sellers, full of hatred for them, started boycotting them, cursing them. Included in the sellers were the friends of the girl too, and she got the hostility of each one of them and yet could not utter the truth.

Being stressed and very depressed one day she reached the area in the countryside which was quite unvisited and empty by everyone. She sat on a wall when she noticed a house, a vast, well-designed, white house, looked more like a palace to her.

Not knowing of it ever, out of curiosity, she walked to it, and the more she got nearer, the more beautiful it started to appear, just like something you can only find in fairytales.

Lost in the beautiful sight she was enjoying. She heard a sound from behind.

‘Hello, my child, are you lost?’

Behind her was standing a lady, looking as aged as her mother, with a saint-like smile, dressed in white clothes, having admirable eyes that looked desperate to share love and care.

Stammering for a while, being not familiar, the girl said,’ Na-Na-No, A-A-I wasss just having a look at the palace.’

‘Why don’t you come inside and have a look by yourself?’ the lady asked with a sweet glance.

The girl said, ‘No ma’am, I did not want to bother you. I was just attracted by the beauty of this paradise.’

‘Oh, come on, as if an innocent creature like you could bother anyone. Let’s go inside, join me for a tea; meanwhile, you can have a tour of the house while I brew the tea, and then you can leave. Sounds good?’

The girl nodded a yes and moved inside with the lady.

While entering the palace, the girl was amazed to see such a beautiful place, well lit and lights sparkled like some positive rays, you could see in plays when God appears, there was remarkable furniture which looked like just delivered from heaven.

The lady treated the girl very well. For the first time since her own mother had left, the girl felt her mother’s warmth in that dwell.

The feeling the girl had with her was so genuine and pure that she wanted to throw it all out of her whatever crisis she was facing, and was so stuck, but controlled as she concluded that the bitter fact is that’s not her mom.

While sitting in the hall with the tea in their hands, the lady asked her about her family and friends.

The girl answered very honestly about her stepmother, her friends, and what she does.

‘It sounds quite fun, what you do, you must enjoy it.’, the lady spoke with lots of cheer in her voice.

The girl nodded,’ Indeed,’ with a faint smile.

‘Is there any problem?’ the lady asked.

With a desperate expression to tell her but she couldn’t, the girl replied, ‘No, I am fine.’

‘I know you want to share it all, but it’s fine if you have some reason, the lady continued with a pause, ‘I know you miss your mother a lot, just consider me one of her friends. As for now, I need you to remember that everything will go fine. All you need to believe is that YOU HAVE JUST HAD THE BEST TEA OF YOUR LIFE.’

It was cheering the girl’s mood eventually.

‘Now what you need to do is RESIST WHAT IS COMING IN YOUR WAY OF HAPPINESS TILL THE HARDEST YOU CAN. Remember this, and everything will go fine.’

Not indeed approving of the words of the lady, the girl nodded with a smile and got up to head towards the door.

And soon, she was out of the house waving goodbye to her new well-wisher.

On the way home, the girl could not stop remembering the words the lady said. They were rotating in her mind like the words of the Witch in the jungle down the hill.

The next day, the girl was ready for work, and she decided to resist the plagiarism-filled content her mind was producing. It was hard, but later she realized that it was working. She was able to keep her thoughts free from other people’s ideas.

Once again, a whole week passed but this time she was able to get rid of the copied content and was able to deliver her original thoughts only.

Now the buyers’ raid on the shop was limited which obviously made her stepmother very depressed.

And now the girl had decided that she wanted to explore the world and work on more creative ideas but originally.

So, she left her stepmother as she realized that, no matter if she is the only connection, the right bonds are those who show you the right path, just like the lady in the palace.

While on her way to some new place, the girl decided to meet the lady at least once and thank her, but when she revisited the area, there was no palace, no lady but empty land.

A note came flowing towards her and stuck to her cheek, pulling it in hand, it said,-

‘There is no magic or darkness that can overwhelm you if you do not allow the magic inside you to fade.

Believe in yourself, and do not come searching for me.

With lovely blessings

Your mother’s friend.’

Putting the note inside her bag, the girl left with bliss while moving forward for her new life.

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