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The Spread Of Fake News On Social Media

7 months ago
10 min read

Social Media, when the term comes into our minds, we get the pictures of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter flashing up in our minds. Talking about Social Media, in 2021 itself, the number of users active on social media is 3.96 billion. The average number of accounts one user has is 8.6 on different social media platforms. 

So the thing is, these online social activities surround everyone. Be it a news feed or a chat group or about posting to apprise people of your new bike. 

So technically, social media is all about 'Sharing information.' Also, it is the sole purpose of building any platform like that. In short, it can be inferred as a massive pool of knowledge…. 

Are you revising it, 'Knowledge'? 

Ain't 'knowledge' is something, like a fact known about some entity, that is true and biased by all means? Most would agree with this. How can one say that the contents over these platforms are deeply analyzed and authenticated before presenting to the users?

Are you scratching your head?

Let's get you to a story to brush up some specific points---

The Story-   

There's a man whose name is Charlie. So… Charlie is very fond of using Instagram and Facebook and is very attracted to the features these provide as he remains updated about different topics of his interest. He is also very fond of online shopping, which lets him follow many certain pages that post about the latest discounts and deals over online shopping platforms. In the latest terms, has he subscribed to a channel claiming to give the same type of alerts about online shopping sites before being announced publicly. A few days back, he got attention on that channel about the upcoming sale on Amazon. They will provide an almost 80% discount on every single electronics item for a whole day. What next? The date was marked, Charlie was all set, also being a nobleman, every single relative and friend were being taught the trend.

Believe it or not, on that day, Charlie did not put off the Amazon app for even a single second. What did I do?

Any of his children never bothered that whole day to tell him that he may have come across a fake alert, and there is nothing like that. Obviously, chances like this come significantly less often. And for them, it was too fun to know about other relations too doing the same.

Though it was about family, so laughing was mandatory. But the moral here is, Charlie trusted the thing blindly without knowing about it properly.

Now, let's discuss some aspects which are encountered by this spread of news through these platforms all over the world.


Okay, so there are many positive aspects that a social media platform provides its users with. And deep down, they also feel it worth giving a part of their whole day. It can be seen as a comprehensive source of help in implementing our day-to-day life activities. Like-

1. Connects you with your people

While talking about your people, it does not always mean your relatives and friends. On social media, people of all ages can find a companion having the same tastes and thought processes as them.

This builds acceptance among their minds for the rest of the world.

There are also many youth groups and communities that one could join and explore themselves more.

2. Gives you daily updates

Yes, a social media platform is very well satisfied in fulfilling your craving for daily updates. For example, let's say any Bollywood gossip or sports news or why Stephen Hawkings said that Black Hole would be the new future. One can get it all here.

3. Meets your interests

Let's recall the story you just heard about my Uncle Charlie. As conveyed in it, Charlie is very fond of Facebook and Instagram, and online shopping. Hence Charlie would only like to follow the pages related to that stuff, right. He would always seek something new in the pages that tell about online shopping kinds of stuff and discounts.

Ain't that great? The different genres can be classified individually.

But as all know, there is nothing perfect ever.


And social media being such a vast, resourceful, and tremendously popular platform while talking about content, can really construct and destroy the thought processes of a lot of minds with just one click.

Let's take a look through that open but not acknowledged window.

Let's get back to Charlie's story once again.

When Charlie got to know about the Amazon sale, he not only sat staring at the app the whole day. But he made other family members do the same by informing them all about it.

He did not go anywhere first to check if the alert was genuine or fake but just believed it before spreading the news.

Like him, many of his kind are cheated or amused like this.

Still, it does not look like something to raise that much concern, is it?

Well, let me take you a bit deeper in this by studying different versions of the same story-

Version-1 - If Charlie was a political news enthusiast

Now being a news lover, Charlie would mostly be looking forward to hot and fresh news, news memes, and posts related to information only.

And one day, surfing Facebook, he finds out one headline from some non-authenticated source that a person from a different religion has been spreading wrong words against Charlie's religion'. Being a sensitive topic, this builds a rage in Charlie's soul, and he starts sending this news to all his relatives and friends.

Hence, the only outcome of this kind of news in a diverse country like India would be to build hatred and false opinions inside everyone.

And even if this news is proven wrong or manipulated, the thing that has already spread among the citizens will not bear off easily. As caste, race, culture, and religion are such sensitive topics.

Version- 2 - If Charlie was a fitness lover

Being a fitness enthusiast makes Charlie always look forward to watching and learning different health tips for keeping himself and his loved ones fit.

Again Charlie being a nobleman likes to keep sharing posts giving valuable health tips. So once he sees a post mentioning the exercises a pregnant lady shall do for having twins. He remembered a lady in his relatives being three months pregnant, so he shared the link with her. The lady showing her full faith towards him and in eternal desire of being a mom twice at once repeated them like a mantra for the next six months.

And a few days later, Charlie gets a call from her saying that his link helped her remain during the whole pregnancy. Still, the doctor told her that there is nothing like some exercise turning one child into two.

Yet he is an Uncle now, but still, the stunts like this should always be performed under experts' supervision.

And referring to these types of stories, there can be many other aspects that could mislead people to a great extent and can really cause destruction in society, their lives, and even in the whole country.

And the only cause of all of these may be the lack of awareness and lack of authenticity of content resources on social media.



No criterion provides the audience with verification of content based on how original, reliable, and biased it is.

No platform gives its users a detailed overview of whether what they are reading or watching is true or not. And as already has been seen lately in this passage, this lack of authentication in mostly all of the platforms may worsen the worse situations one could face.


1. Either one starts a manual search about contents we read, which tells us what is genuine and authentic to every aspect of its nature before believing it fully.

But this option could not be recommended as a human. Even if people start digging all of the stories like this, why would they ever need a content creator at all? 

And believe it, they will never want to go so far in the search that has already been done.

2. Or they can get a social media platform that is already fulfilled with this huge need of authentication by its 'Natural Filtration Technique' of whatever is being posted. Or in broad words, ' An A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) confined social media network' gives its user a unique and biased experience of every segment he would like to see by-.

  • Arranging it in accordance with your interests.
  • Filtering the content in the best manner so that you can watch the authenticated posts related to your preferences.

Hence it will be in the user's hands whether he wants to get indulged in some manipulated words or wants to get the actual view of what he is looking at.

Sounds like a dream?

Indeed, because to date, none has ever heard of anything being this promising about serving them with the right.

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