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Why SpotLyf is the best choice for Creators?

2 months ago
10 min read

Who doesn’t love to be admired by a vast amount of people? Everyone likes themselves being recognized by a bunch of people by stepping out of the house and some die-heart fans who are willing to do anything to just get a sight of them. The most powerful medium to generate this recognition fast is Social platforms.

But only some of them are able to establish themselves as a significant entity, and those people are called Creators. 

These people are usually seen with a unique and innovative mindset, and they have a tendency to engage other people in their work. No, they are not any aliens; these are just the entertainers who entertain us like Prajakta Kohli and Ashish Chanchlani.

Social platforms have become a superpower for the Creators in this digital era. With this superpower, they gain frequent rise in their popularity, social credit, and affection among the audience. Also, this helps them build money assets too.

Many Social Platforms provide different features that benefit Creators in distinguished aspects. There are several unique features that make Creators use social platforms more often and grow themselves among potential audiences. Let’s discuss some of these features:

Features offered by ordinary Social Media:

  1. Content Monetization- Creators get to earn by posting their content on different social media platforms by the monetization policies set by the designated forum. The monetization may be done through the number of views on the Content, ads running on the Content, the likes/dislikes policy, or the number of followers they may have attained. All the standards for the Content that is put to earning are stated or declared by the Social Media platforms only.
  2. Content Ranking- All Digital Marketing businesses run mainly on the labels or hashtags system. So is the ranking or categorization of content works. The content most audience sees on their feed is referred to by the number of likes and their search history. Social media platforms use the hashtag-based system which helps the Creators rank their Content and build a userbase. Creators use the best hashtags which suit their work, and the audience should get in the search when they search for the respective word.
  3. Personal Space- Everyone is supposed to build an account on social media platforms. The Creators, too, get this personal space for themselves where they can post different forms of Content in different sections. The type of Content includes videos, pictures, articles, or some stories. All of these can be posted individually in their dignified area. They are also able to hide the Content from the audience or delete it as per their requirement whenever they want.
  4. Unique Identity- Since Creators get their personal space, they also get a unique identity that is not used by anyone else and can be used by them only as a patent trademark. This is a feature of social media platforms that no username can be used by multiple users under any condition.

All of these characteristics support Creators but is it all? There is one quality that is not persisted by any of the platforms. None of the platforms is fully Creator-centric. Being fully Customer-Centric means that there are some features that are yet to be considered to support the creators and their hard work even well. This is where our Creator-centric platform, SpotLyf, has expertise.

SpotLyf has a variety of proficient features for the Creators so that Creators feel like they are the sole owner of what they create. Our unique features not only make sure that the creators are able to build their presence among the desired set of audiences but also ensure that every Content should be rated as per its worth. It is indeed fascinating and most-awaited, which many creators have waited for ages, that each Content gets the praises till its value.

A brief on SpotLyf’s Features:

  • Monetization set by Creators- On SpotLyf, creators are enabled to set the subscription plan for their Content themselves. Hence, it is not required that they have to follow some pre-set monetization plans that they don’t want to abide by. They get all the freedom to customize their Content’s paid plan, which suits them. Also, they can set different subscription plans for various spots and Content.

  • Set the Privacy Rule- Since SpotLyf is all about making sure that there is no form of disruption in Creators’ rights, so SpotLyf has set some unique privacy options for Creators to put them on their Spot and profile. As SpotLyf is all about building and engaging a well-suited community for yourself through your specific Spots. Creators here are able to enable privacy like the visibility of a particular spot or explicit Content in it, and also they get various features regarding their profile’s privacy.

  • Promote your Content Yourself- SpotLyf’s unique AI technology helps you to promote your Content or rank it on the potential audience’s feeds by yourself. You can generate hashtags that would relate to your Content and help it grow. Also, you get valuable suggestions regarding the hashtags with our deeply refined reports on the trends and labels for your Content.

  • Measuring Content’s Value- Our well-structured Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enriched platform has some unique algorithms to calculate the worth of the Content posted by a creator and the value of their Spot. Hence, not only your audience but SpotLyf, too, helps the audience to judge your Content and promote it among the audience accordingly. 

These are some of the prime features which SpotLyf persists, with many more interesting ones that are yet to be announced. SpotLyf claims itself as a creator-oriented platform as it works at honoring the hard work of creators without any compromise. Also, SpotLyf always makes sure that there is no plagiarism in the Content and allows all of the users to always flag the Content that they find copied or manipulated. This ensures that every Content reaches its true worth.