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Ethical Marketing, an asset for businesses

5 months ago
10 min read

Do you know that almost 92% of millennial consumers prefer to invest in the products of a company that has adopted ethical marketing in its marketing model? Or 82% among this 92% suggest the brand that is committed to its ethics of production than that of a non-ethical bottom line product production?

Also, studies have clearly shown that the business venture that performs on the basis of a model generated providing the use of Ethical Marketing in it has been more firm in the market and among customers than an ordinary one.

The business models in the 21st-century exercise a great demand for ethical marketing for gaining customer loyalty. But what is ethical marketing and how come it has established this grip over the marketing strategies so constructively.

What is Ethical Marketing?

Ethical Marketing is not some rocket science or some particularly built or designated study of marketing but it is putting marketing ethics into the practice of the marketing modules.

Ethical Marketing is a process of identifying and matching the customer’s view of point or targetting the various social and environmental issues that relate to the people and the society. Making it the prime agenda of the marketing module of showing that the concerned product is well-responsible and it does not only serve the buyers loyally with its production but also it serves the society and the environment too often.

When one implements Ethical Marketing strategies into their brand promotions, the true desire of the firm here would become to trigger the moral values or ethics of the people who might buy their products or be interested in listening to them. The businesses counter the philosophical standouts among the audience who wants something that reaches their sentiments. They try to influence them that their buying or investing in the company’s products is actually a step towards doing something good and worthy for society or the environment’s welfare.

Also, they present the advertisements which add value to public relations and social relations or the relationship of mankind with the green diversity.

Let’s discuss some examples of the ventures that have landed Ethical Marketing in their marketing campaigns so keenly that this practice has gained them great heights along with the love and respect from the audience.

1. Facebook- More Together

Have you come across the advertisements or blogs Facebook uses for the marketing campaigns, they are mostly in rhythm and provide so many values.

Saying about what, the new advertisement by Facebook seals the deal by gaining the attachment of its viewers.

The ad shows the story which is related to this pandemic, there is a boy who posts on his fed about helping the senior citizens to go for the vaccination process and motivating those who deny. Eventually, he comes across a case where an old lady is quite harsh on him still he keeps on trying and succeeds, and when the lady finds out the truth about why this guy was doing so, she cherishes him with her motherly love.

Wouldn’t you find that close to your heart?

2. Dabur Amla Hair Oil- Towards studies

Dabur Amla Hair Oil has been running this campaign for years in which all their ads are based on a single notion. All their ads are based on a central motive that is to acknowledge the customers that the many times they purchase their product they are making a step towards poor children’s education.

Obviously, this type of ethics towards social cause turn people on buying the product since everyone is determined to help.

3. Abbott Shoes: Fly High

Abbott has been doing great in its ad campaign by earning customers’ attention as they build the advertisements which build confidence in their minds.

One such ad campaign of Abbott is based on a small story of an old lady who is wearing shoes and walking with her grandchild moving with a bicycle. The child is constantly saying ‘No grandma, it will hurt’ but she keeps moving, and ultimately she is on the bicycle and learning to ride. At last, when she starts riding on her own, she says her grandchild-’I am flying.’

How cannot these types of campaigns would help build trust? Great idea.

4. Support to LGBT Community

Recently many brands and communities have done some color changes in their logos, their cover pictures, and their post templates. All of them are given a 6 colored look which is there to support the LGBT community, they are boosting this culture and encouraging them. This type of marketing not only wins hearts but also supplies some great morals into society.

5. Surf Excel- Stains Are Good

The evergreen tagline that Surf Excel has conducted in their promotions is ‘Stains Are Good’ and by this means they have inhabited their advertisements with the goodness of helping, caring, equality, and cherishing life. Every they come up with a new story that says ‘it is good to get your clothes dirty for someone’s million-dollar smiles.

6. Nestle: Good Food Good Life

Nestle’s on-the-go branding always supports the statement that ‘ a Nestle beings ethnicity and affection when people have it, serve it or most of all share it.’ Which keeps their lives cheerful and caring.

Hence, the latter were some of the promising examples of successful businesses stepping into Ethical Marketing wisely to leave the audience with bliss after watching their stories and proving themselves as a concerned seller.