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We Are Introducing The First-ever
AI-powered Social Platform.

Spotlyf aims to create a digital platform that inspires people to explore more and unleash the power of magnificent thoughts.

A.I Powered

With its advanced core A.I. Technology SpotLyf helps you to discover meaningful content & pull out misleading social activities..

Create Spot

A platform that empowers you to create your spot globally & Connect with everyone to share knowledge.

Privacy Control

We care about your privacy & its our utmost priority to set up a new trend of trust. We built a robust system to protect your data & give you full control over your information.

User Accountability

It is a necessary step in the evolution of social platforms to set down the foundation which leads to a democratic content ecosystem that ensures harmony.

Our Journey Towards a Change

Idea Of Spotlyf

SpotLyf began as an idea among two close friends Raj Gaurav and Mohd. Naseem in 2017. They wanted to make an AI-Powered social platform that wishes to solve the problem of fake/false news using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, etc.

Aug, 24
Spotlyf Registered As Pvt Ltd Company

2020 strengthened their will to work towards their Idea and to create a more effective mechanism to verify content and news that was being shared.

Feb, 26
Spotlyf Beta Version Launched

Within the year, SpotLyf was announced to Launch Its beta version and start building communities. We made it out with just minor troll scars.

We welcome everyone in our community

We're committed to conveying a supportive and trustworthy community for everyone.

SpotLyf encourages creators & communities to come together and showcase their trends, diversity, and creativity over numerous categories. Start being social through words and not through likes and dislikes. Join a Spot where the existing community is highly appreciative of topics and posts similar to yours, which helps everyone contribute their expertise to a particular topic.SpotLyf is all about being authentic, the way you are in your real life.

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