SPOTLYF- AI-powerd social platform



SpotLyf comes with a major set of features and opportunities which make people worldwide have a decent, meaningful, and desirous exchange of information and data.

All the services provided are user-based and according to the necessities of users and ultimate situations.

Our Service may allow users to:

  • Share data like contact details, location, etc.
  • Exchange information with fellow users or profiles
  • Upload creative works and valuable thoughts in the form of documentation, videography, audio, or images

You may require to agree on the terms of use of the Service. However, you are assured that your data is in safe hands, and your privacy shall not be compromised with us.

Given below is the structure or the roadmap of the data processing that may apply to all the individuals(including a person, an organization, or any particular entity) while they sign up to abide by the terms mentioned in the Agreement for the use of Service.

You are required to go through the Agreement and below mentioned clauses properly.


This Section is dedicated to making you understand the type of information that we may acquire from the user’s side to give them a hassle-free experience at SpotLyf.

We acquire information for implementing several features on our platform as per user preferences as well as convenience like what language the user speaks, which ad or genre of content would they find more suitable and preferable, the group or set of people choices you may have on SpotLyf to gain contacts with(for example, users may be interested in getting in touch with the people who like the same Spots as they do so that set might be preferred by them). All this information and the other information that SpotLyf retains is based on your use of Service.

The information you may store in your SpotLyf account is treated as your personal information.

  • The Information You Provide
    When you create a SpotLyf Account, you may provide us with certain personal credentials such as your email address, contact number, your age, your likes and dislikes, your preferred languages, etc. Even when you have not signed up on our platform, you might have provided us with your contact information, such as your email address, to get timely information regarding updates from us.
  • The Information Collected By Your Use Of Service
  • Your Activity
    These activities are the ones that you may operate while using our platform or while scrolling our website.
    • Content you search for
    • Purchase activity
    • Blogs you read, videos you watch
    • Your responses on different types of ads and content
    • The people and their information you most communicate with to build relevance
  • Location Optimization
    We collect information on your location when you opt to use our services which helps us enroll other features like pinning your location, sharing it for different purposes like authentication, gaming activities, connecting your device, and validating and tracking users activities(for genuine or unauthenticated source)

    The determination of location services can be verified by various degrees:-
    • IP Address
    • GPS
    • Information about the things available nearest to your devices, like cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and Bluetooth embedded devices.
    • Data from your device


To Provide Better Services

The information we collect is for the following purposes:

  • For providing our services
    The information we gather enables us to deliver the best form of our Services to our valuable users. For example, by processing the search terms you have initiated with your profile, we accordingly generate results on the basis of what you may like and shall be recommended to you so that your work is lessened.
  • Improve our Services
    We may retain your information to keep track of our Services that are intended to work fine throughout to ensure a hassle-free experience for you, such as troubleshooting issues or feedback from your side. And we make certain enhancements in our Services with this information, for example, knowing about the search terms that are misspelled are autocorrected, or the corrections are mentioned in suggestions and many more significant and judge aspects.
  • Forming New Services
    SpotLyf is committed to giving its users an updated and well-enhanced platform to lean on, so we may retrieve your information to provide you with some new and commendable features that are usable and fun.
  • Providing relevant search results
    The data retained from your search records are kept to gain advancement in the search records or valuable/relatable references as per your requirement. This is to increase the productivity of the platform and enhance your user experience. Also, it helps us to keep SpotLyf as a better place for the Creators as well as the audience to prefer in their daily utilization of information exchange.
  • Performance Study
    This data is used to give us the reports and analytics over how our services are being used, if there is an interruption due to some particular features, or does the product design matches the requirements of the users.
  • Contact you
    The data we keep is used to get in touch with the user. We make sure that we let you know about any suspicious or fraudulent activity that has taken place in your account. We may send you a dedicated alert or notification regarding such activity the moment it is tracked, for example, any unusual sign-in attempt. Or to connect with you about the feedback or issues you may submit about our platform.
  • Save our users, platform, and our services
    The information we keep is essential for the safekeeping of our users and SpotLyf as well. To enhance the reliability of our platform on the matters of abuse, fraud, security risks, and technical faults that might cause harm to SpotLyf, its users, or the public.


Your information surely belongs to you, like your personal information such as your contact details. SpotLyf may share your information outside the platform with your consent. You need to grant us permission to share your personal information with any third party. However, you do grant us some rights over your content, as discussed in the Agreement.

For External Processing

We still encourage the sharing of your personal information across our affiliates and other trusted business by us for the required processing, which may be based on instructions and policies designed by us.

For Legal Requirements

We may extend the sharing of information outside of SpotLyf, if we believe that it is necessary for legal reasons, such as public welfare, or any other law enforcement as mentioned below:

  • We share information about the type of requests that we get from the legal authorities to meet certain legal processes and regulations or designated government requests.
  • Entertain some necessary investigation measure or other Terms for the use of Service.
  • To detect and prevent or address any fraud, technical issues.
  • Protect the rights of the general public or the safety of SpotLyf.


SpotLyf works with enormous dedication for keeping the users and our platform devoid of unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of information present with us, including:

  • Encryption to keep your data covered throughout the transit.
  • Review our information collection processing practices, including security measures and storage, to keep unauthorized access away from our systems.
  • To detect and prevent or address any fraud, technical issues.
  • We restrict the access of your personal information to the SpotLyf employees, agents, and contractors who may need this information for the authorized processing. This access may include a subjective contract which the concerned party may abide by.


You may delete your information present with SpotLyf at any time. You can also delete in specificities, such as:

  • Search and delete particular items from your information.
  • Delete your content from particular SpotLyf Services.
  • Delete your entire SpotLyf account.


We regularly visit and review this Privacy Policy and make sure your information is always processed in ways that stick to it.

Data Transfers

We believe that guidelines in this policy may remain the same for every individual and entity signing up for it. Despite the fact that the users may belong to different regions and parts of the world where some may adhere to lighter law enforcement, and some may abide by different laws that may be more strict, we keep the processing of information and the regulations mentioned in this policy uniform across the whole userbase.

We come in touch with the person who may have launched a formal written complaint. We corporate with the designated authorities, including the local authorities for data control, to rectify the conflict about the transfer of your data which we may not be able to resolve directly with you.


When this policy is applicable

This policy may apply to all the services of SpotLyf, that SpotLyf provides and all due affiliates of SpotLyf, if any, and the services offered on existing third-party sites. This Privacy Policy may not apply to the services that exist with their separate Privacy Policy and do not abide by this Privacy Policy.

This policy exempts:

  • Other companies and organizations’ information practices that advertise our services.
  • Services provided by third-party that use SpotLyf services and displayed to you in search results.

Modifications in this Policy

Changes to this Policy are implemented from time to time as per the requirement. Not that there will be any deduction in your rights without your due consent.