SPOTLYF- AI-powerd social platform


We are validating our SpotLyf Terms of Service on 1st January, 2022 to provide you with a thorough understanding of what to expect while you use SpotLyf. Below mentioned are the terms that apply to all the concerned parties related to SpotLyf


Welcome to the world of Spots, SpotLyf. We believe you are enjoying the user experience and our products and features(collectively, the “Service”).


The Service enables you to upload, share, view and discover content including textual, musical, videography and image content.

You may create profile in orde to create Spots specific kto some genre where you may communicate or influence a community like you or people that like the Conttent your Spot acquires. You can visit other’s Spot and profile to view the Content they upload and share.

You can follow the users you like to know more about and view their Content.

Your Service Provider

The commodity providing the Service is SpotLyf Pvt. Ltd., an organization operating under the laws of India, located at Noida, U.P., India(referred to as “SpotLyf”, “we”, “us”, or “our”).

Applicable Terms

Your use of the Service is subject to these terms, the Policy, Safety, and Copyright Policies, and the SpotLyf Community Guidelines which may be revised from time to time(collectively, this “Agreement”).

You need to read go through this Agreement carefully and ensure that you understand it. If you do not find any part of the Agreement acceptable, or you do not understand the Agreement, then you may not use the Service.

By absorbing this Agreement, you declare that your age is 18 years or above and are truly eligible to abide by this Agreement and to enter this Agreement. You are required to be granted certain permissions and follow essential restrictions in case you are less than 18 years of age.



You must complete the age of 13 years to be eligible to use the services provided by SpotLyf. However, you may be granted permission from your legal guardian or parent to use the service efficiently.

Parent or Guardian Consent

If your country's laws conclude you as a minor that you may declare that you are allowed by your parent or guardian to use the Service and they have read all the Terms in this Agreement with you.

If you are the legal guardian or a parent of a minor in your country, by permitting your child to access the Service, you are bound to be responsible for the actions performed by your child and confirm your acceptance of the Terms in this Agreement.


If you use the Service in the name of an organization or company, you confirm that you are authorized to use the name of that entity or act on its behalf and the entity abides by this Agreement.


Content of the Service

The content of the Service shall include audio(like sounds and music), videos, photos, graphics, text(in form of blogs, comments, and scripts), branding(including service marks, logos, trademarks, or trade names), interactive features, metrics software and other materials(collectively referred as “Content”).

The individual or the entity that provides is responsible for the content they provide to the Sevice. SpotLyf is under no restriction to host or serve Content. If you come across any Content that you don’t find suitable for our platform or you find the content contradicting our Community Guidelines or the laws, you may report it here.

Spot & Profile

Having a SpotLyf account is the key to exploring the whole new world of creating Spots and sharing creative thoughts with a community of your kind.

A SpotLyf account may let you create your own Spots, view others’ Spots, read and write comments on others’ Spots and posts, upload content and add recommendable tags.

With a SpotLyf account, you are allowed to use the features provided by the SpotLyf platform to its users. You can read more about creating a SpotLyf account here.

Keeping your account protected from hackers and other mischievous actions that may be held on your account, is a crucial task. To remain protected from such attacks you may keep your account’s password unrevealed to the non-concerned parties and secure.

SpotLyf also recommends that you do not use the password you have used in your SpotLyf account in any other confidential account’s password to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks on your account. Read more about keeping your account secure.


The Guidelines for DATA PRIVACY elaborates how our system treats your personal information and data you provide while creating a SpotLyf account and on the platform.

You can know more about how the content uploaded by you is evaluated by our system in SpotLyf Content Evaluation Section.

Permissions and Restrictions

The users may use the Service as long as they abide by this Agreement, Guidelines, and the law applicable. They may use the Service as made available to them by the Service Provider(i.e. “SpotLyf”, addressed as “we”, “us”, “our”).

Users may listen or view the Content present on the platform for their personal purpose, non-commercial requirements.

They may show and share the Content on SpotLyf through the enabled SpotLyf Platform.

Following restrictions may apply to the Use of The Service by the users. Users are not allowed to:-

  1. Access, download, reproduce, transmit, broadcast, distribute, license, sell, display, modify, alter, or otherwise use any part of any Content or the Service except:
    • Declared or authorized by the Service itself or,
    • Legit writer permission from SpotLyf and respective right holders, if applicable
  2. Disable, circumvent, fraudulently engage with, or in any manner interfere with any segment or part of the Service(or trys to commit any such things) included protection-related features or the features that
    • Restrict or prevent copying or using the Content in any other manner or
    • Define limits to the use of Content or the Service;
  3. Using any artificial means to access the Service through(such as robots, scrapers, or botnets) except
    • The purpose is served by SpotLyf’s robots engines or other files for testing purposes
    • Having a written clause of permission by SpotLyf;
  4. Gather or harvest information and credentials on any person unless allowed by that person;
  5. Access the Service to spread commercial or unsolicited promotional material or content or other non-required or bulk solicitations;
  6. Initiate or encourage any inaccurate means of measurements of real user engagement, involving providing people with incentives or paying them off to enhance the amount of engagement or the Content (such as likes or dislikes, views, and comments) or to enhance the number of followers to a Spot, or any other means to manipulate the authentic metrics;
  7. Misuse any process to raise a dispute, flagging, complaint, reporting, or appeals by providing unreasonable, frivolous, or vexatious submissions;
  8. Organize contests on or through the Service that do not abide by SpotLyf Contest Guidelines;


Access to the Service does not mean that you retain the complete ownership or any kind of rights to any segment or aspect mentioned in the Service Guidelines, consisting, user names, Spot names, or any other type of Content uploaded by others or SpotLyf.


SpotLyf is consistent at improving and updating the Service according to the regular changes in this fast-paced environment.

The changes done by us may affect all the users and some users or individuals on different aspects of the change according to their use of the Service. The changes done may include:-

  1. discontinuing the Service or any segment of it,
  2. any functionality and features change to make security or performance improvements,
  3. any update to the software that implies new features and functions in the platform
  4. changes made to comply with the law, or restrict illegal activities or abuse of our network or systems.

If possible, SpotLyf may provide you with prior notice before implementing the changes on the Service or features on our platform that may have a significant impact on the UOS(Use of Service). However, you agree that there may be circumstances when there will be changes without any prior notice due to the need of the situation such as when we think some immediate changes may be implemented for improving the operability and security of our Service or for any other legal requirements.


Uploading Conduct

When you create a profile on SpotLyf, you may be able to create a Spot, upload or post content to the service, either within a Spot or individually on your profile. You may use this Content to promote any enterprise or your business. If any content you upload does not abide by this agreement(including SpotLyf Community Guidelines) or any of its clauses then you must not provide such content to the Service.

For example, you must not submit any Content that belongs to some third-party(like copyrighted material) disregarding their authorization to the Content or violating the legal guidelines. Legally. You are accountable for the Content you upload to the Service. Also, there are automated systems that we may use to analyze your Content thoroughly and detect any abuse or infringement if present, including spam and malware.

Rights You Retain

You have the ownership rights of the Content you publish or submit to the Service. However, there are some rights you are required to grant to SpotLyf and other users to ensure certain features in the Service. Given below is a description of these rights.

License to SpotLyf

When you submit Content to the Service, you give SpotLyf a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, sublicensable, and worldwide authorized license to access the Content and use it for required purposes(involving actions like to distribute, reproduce, display and perform it). SpotLyf may only use this Content for the purposes related to the Service and SpotLyf’s affiliated businesses or other events like promoting and redistributing any part of the Service or all of it.

License Granted to Other Users

When you submit Content to the Service, you give users of SpotLyf a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, sublicensable, and worldwide authorized license to access the Content and perform any features that are allowed by the Service on the Content such as, distribute, display, prepare derivative works or maybe any other. However, no user is allowed to use any part of the Content for any irrelevant purpose to the Service or independent feature from the platform.

Duration of License

The licenses you grant are continued for a reasonable time period after you delete or remove the Content on an immediate basis from the Service. However, you do agree that SpotLyf persists the rights retain some server copies of the Content but not for distributing or performing any sort of actions.

Monetization Rights

You agree that SpotLyf holds the rights to monetize the Content you provide to the Service which may include displaying advertisements on or within the Content or charging users on accessing it. However, you are liable to pay no charge for submitting Content to the Service.

Content Removal By You

You may delete or remove the Content you provide to the Service whenever you want.

Removal of Content By SpotLyf

SpotLyf is authorized to take down Content when:

  • The Content is found to breach any of the policies of this Agreement
  • The Content may anyhow cause harm to SpotLyf
  • The Content violates any government-issued guidelines or any law enforcement

However, you may be informed or get an alert on deletion or before the removal of your content by SpotLyf.


Each time your content violates the SpotLyf Community Guidelines, you may receive alerts notifying you that may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account, as per the decision made. After a perfect suspension of your SpotLyf account, you may not be able to retrieve any information, reopen it or redeem any Social Credit Scores.

You can learn more about Community Guidelines Alert here.

Protection of Copyrights

There are provisions and information on Copyright Policies that we have set up for the rights of copyright holders. If ever you find that your copyrights have been infringemented in any manner on SpotLyf then you may report it here.

The reports on Copyright Infringement are processed by SpotLyf Team thoroughly. We do entertain any biased nature in processing any kind of reports submitted by the users and provide the most convenient assistance and solutions.